HUGE Fall Sale!! Starts today!! 

We are slowly but surely making our way through the Fall season.  The colors are in full bloom, the temperature is just right, and our homes all decked out for the upcoming holidays! Here at the store we are having a HUGE 20% off Sale on the remaining fall inspired decor that we have left. 

There are wreaths, big and small, handmade pumpkins, dried wheat…..

Also the orange and gold painted jars, and even some of the Fall greenery !!!

Even IF you have  everything  all decorated, now is a great time to stock up for next year!  Also, on First Friday November 4th we will be celebrating the kick off to Christmas in the store!! I CANNOT wait to show you what Nest Number 4 is going to look like for the holiday season!! It’s gonna be good!!!

Hope to see you all soon! ~Kim

October Craft Night!


We are SO excited to announce that we are ready to start hosting our Craft Nights in the store starting OCTOBER!!!!

We will be making this adorable wreath and it can be personalized to match your home and your style.

The event will be held at our store,  Nest Number 4

October 27th 6-8:30

717 Franklin St. Michigan City, IN

The cost is $30, that includes snacks, drinks and all craft supplies.

Please go to “shop” and follow the link.  There you will see the event and can purchase your ticket.  That will hold your spot.  Tickets are non-refundable, but in the event you cannot make it your craft will be set aside for pick up after the event.

October First Friday

October 7th is the next Uptown Arts Districts First Friday Art Walk. If you’ve been to this before then you know just how fun these nights are!!! Strolling downtown, mingling with friends and shopping in local small business style! This night also gives local artists the chance to display their talent to the hundreds of people that flock to our area during the art walk. 

This month we will feature two talented small businesses. Hannah Jane Soaps owner Hannah Weeks handmakes all natural bar soaps. She is also introducing her EVER so popular “Pumpkin Spice” bar soap. This month she will also have her BRAND NEW bath teas in stock!! They are a must try!! 

We will also have Infinite Painting and Design ! Owner Chris Oliver will be bringing his newest designs in pallet art, and we cannot wait to see what he’s dreaming up! Here is a sneak peak!

We are thrilled to have them both in the store, and cannot wait to see all of you too!!! I’ll leave you with a few new photos of the store as it is in full Fall mode!!!! (my favorite mode)

See you all like very soon!! 

Nest Number 4

717 Franklin St. Michigan City 



August news and more!! 

Hey there! I just wanted to give you guys an update on what’s happening around town his next weekend. This Friday August 5th, is First Friday in the Uptown ArtsDistrict in Michigan City.  If you haven’t been before….what are you waiting for??

Seriously though, it is amazing!! It is the 1 night a month where locals, artists, store owners and creatives alike come together and mingle in the streets of the historic downtown are of Michigan City. Last month we had over 700 people come thru our doors, that’s quite impressive! Stores stay open until 8:00 giving you all a chance to stop by after work or meet up with some friends for this fun event! 

Also, and added bonus to First Friday is The Taste of Michigan City!!! Please tell me you’ve gone to this!?!?  Not only will you have the creatives and the makers, you will ALSO have the bakers and the makers of the culinary portion of our great town. I mean food and shopping taking place outdoors in our beautiful area that we are proudly watching grown by the minute? Yes please!! 

Nest Number 4 will be featuring Pie Holes from La Porte in our store, as well as Hannah Jane Soaps. Two of my favorite fellow small businesses.  The store is jam packed with new decor, from small shelf sitters to stacks and stacks of new pillows ! Need I say more? LOL 

Don’t forget NN4 is also a great place to purchase a gift card for that special family member or friend, giving your special someone a chance to pick out exactly what they love! 

I do hope I see you this weekend, please stop in to say hi! The Taste of MC also runs all day Saturday as well. The boat races of MC will kick off their event Saturday evening with a boat parade and races on Sunday! What a fun and exciting weekend we have upon us, I do hope you will venture out and support your local small businesses !! 😊

Talk soon friends ~ Kim 

kitchen cabinet makeover

It’s been awhile since I have posted a home makeover project.  Probably because  my hubs and I have been busy running our businesses and haven’t had much extra time to do fun house projects, lol.

Todays little home renovation was a small attempt to change the look of our cabinets.  We both would really like to take the plunge and rip out some uppers and add floating shelves (and maybe some subway tile 🙂

But for now, something small, quick and less expensive was a better option.  The kitchen and family room was just repainted a lighter and brighter color a week ago. Color: Valspar Oatbran.

I also forgot to get any “before” pictures, so very sorry! I even went back trying to find one, but no luck!


ally, our kitchen has come a long way since we bought this house 11 years ago.  Picture this… yellow walls, blue laminate countertops, no backsplash and white appliances. Sounds completely different huh?


While floating shelves are all the rave, and of course what Joanna Gaines would do, it’s not really a project we want to tackle just yet.  Mainly because my hubs and I roll like this:

What comes out of my mouth….

Me: “Babe, do you think we could take the doors off the cabinets, cut out that wine rack holder and replace it all with wood shelves?”

Hubbs: Yeah, we can definitely do that. And by WE he means HIM.

In my mind I just said…

“Maybe we could tear out these cabinets, and the backsplash all throughout the kitchen, replace it all with white subway tile, floating shelves and new dishes??”

He would then tell me he is done tiling with subway tiles after doing the kids bathroom shower.  Followed with how busy he is going to be to avoid the project entirely.




Please tell me you guys do projects like us too?  They start with something small, like replacing hardware and end up with having to repaint he entire room lol.

Taking the doors off of your cabinet to see if you like the look is easy, but cutting out the unused wine rack was a bit tricky.  Once its out, its never going back in.  We aren’t wine drinkers, and honestly had been given all of the wine we had.  I was also tired of dusting wine bottles. However, I AM a coffee drinker, so it made sense to turn the cabinet to the left into a much needed coffee bar!


Thanks for stopping by.  I guess I better start getting ready for work.  Hope you all have a good week, let me know what you think about our little makeover in the comments below.

Talk soon~ Kim

Store Update!!! 6-8-16

Hey there, long time no talk.

Let me start by saying that this whole trying to run a store, and be a mom is proving to be just about as hard as I thought it would be. lol

And not to mention… it’s Summer vacation! (Which means the oldest kid is working all day, the other 3 kids out of school, and a set of working parents) ((Summer vacation also means, our 2nd child graduated (((I cried just about through the whole thing))) and the next two will be in 9th & 5th Grade.))

 It’s been 14 years since I have worked during the summer.  I have been lucky enough to work during their scheduled school day, but a retail store doesn’t operate during the hours of 8-3.  So for now, we all are learning new schedules. (And the kids are learning how to make their own lunch:) )


The store has been busy!  I can’t even tell you how happy I am that this really is happening.  I know I have said this a hundred times at least, and I am sorry, but when you dream of something for so long and then it actually comes true it really just does take a minute for it all to sink in. The other day as I was taking these photos, I really couldn’t believe that this was my store.  My dream,…. coming true.


The coolest thing I think so far is that I am constantly meeting other creatives.  Our store is located in the Art Space building in the Uptown Arts District in our downtown area, which also houses 42 live/work spaces for other creative like myself.  To be surrounded by others that want you to succeed as much as you do is quite the neighborhood welcome!


The hardest part, besides the scheduling, is probably keeping the store stocked.  Which I know is a good problem to have, but hard nonetheless. The store is made up of new, found, and handmade items, and  I get asked almost daily what it is that we make.  And I also hear a story or two weekly about the old Maytag washer.

Also, the category of items that sells the most is “handmade”,  and that my friends is amazing!!!

I have heard countless times that the store reminds customers of Magnolia Market, and that they can see I am inspired by Fixer Upper.  I mean, WHO ISN”T inspired by Chip and Jo?  In return I tell them that they are my new best friend and I so appreciate the sweet compliment!  I mean I realize it’s NO Magnolia Market, but anything remotely close is good enough for me.


Hannah’s soaps continue to make the place smell amazing, and sell out just about any chance they get! My most favorite scent is “Hello handsome”, but “Hello Gorgeous” and “Meadows” are top sellers for sure!  In fact, by the time you all read this the last of these two scents will be sold and need to be refilled.

We recently added a small section of my favorite tote bags.  Home décor is my first love, but handbags have been fighting for that spot for years.  Adding them into the beautiful inventory seemed like the right thing to do.  We even have a small batch for the guys to browse while waiting on their wives to shop, per the hubbs request 🙂


IMG_6815 Ball jars still continue to be a popular seller, and everyday someone asks what type of paint I use. LOL A girl can’t give away all her secrets can she?


IMG_6808 IMG_6810We do not carry a lot of furniture in the store, but when we do it doesn’t last long.  This sweet little set up would look lovely in a beach cottage somewhere.

Craft nights are starting back up again, the next being June 23rd at 6:30 held at the store. You can find the event page HERE.

I also wanted to mention while we try to transition into online shopping, there are a handful of items that can be found here on the website, under “shop”.

Please follow along on Facebook and Instagram.  I am always posting exciting info either about events, new product, or random home photos 🙂

Thanks for taking the time to check up on us!  Talk soon friends


Store update!!!

Hey guys, how’s it going?

What are you plans this weekend?

I know of a REALLY fun thing you could do one day this weekend…..

how about head on over to 717 Franklin St. for Nest Number 4’s  GRAND OPENING???

Sound like a plan? LOL

I really wanted to come here today and give you all an update on the store and let you know how things are going.  The last few days have been so crazy, and jam packed busy, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. (Except during coffee 30, for those of you that know my coffee habit) that’s that I call 1:30 otherwise knows as time for a coffee. Or lack thereof lol, it’s taking time to adjust to a new schedule. baby steps. Here’s where you will find me most days, in my new favorite spot, behind this counter checking out shoppers and getting to know so many new friends!

store check out

(What do you think about this check out counter?!) It turned out better than I even could have imagined!!! I am a lucky lady to have a handy hubby.  I have had several people ask if it is for sale. LOL He may have to whip a couple of them up for the store, you know in his spare time 🙂 He also may kill me just for mentioning that.  LOL

The store is doing great, I honestly CANNOT complain one bit!  We opened our doors for a few hours the first night during the Uptown Arts Districts “First Friday” event.

and oh my gosh.

painted ball jars

People started coming in a few minutes before it actually started, and it NEVER STOPPED!  Now we also invited a handful of close friends and family members to this event as well and I am pretty sure THEY ALL CAME.  I say that with the highest compliment I can.  I was completely overwhelmed! I honestly seen so many people shopping and visiting and loving the store that I was completely in awe.  It’s a hard feeling to explain, but when you put so much blood, sweat, and tears into something as Scott and I did and you just sit there hoping it’s good enough it is very rewarding hearing such great compliments!

This next picture is definitely one of my favorites!  It is going to be VERY hard to part with that desk 🙂


So please, If you do not have many plans this weekend I would LOVE it if you’d swing by the store and check it out.  Thursday there will be free sweets and drinks, and Friday we are lucky enough to have Le Gateau Ect. selling her yummy truffles with plenty of samples.

AND…. if this isn’t enough excitement for you Saturday I am hosting a 30 vendor Spring Craft show at lambs Chapel in La Porte.

I know, am I crazy? Maybe just a little bit.  The church is located at 6006 N Fail Rd. from 10-3.

Stop by and say Hi, shop the many many booths of handmade items and direct sales companies.  This year we far exceeded our 18 booths from last year and I couldn’t be any more excited.

Thanks for stopping by friends!



#nestnumber4store GRAND OPENING!!!

Hey guys, how are you??
SO things have been a little crazy here, since I blogged last.

By now I am sure you all have heard that we are opening a STORE!!!

Our house was taken over for a few weeks by the MANY shipments of wonderful things I have been ordering.  The store is going to be a beautiful collaboration of new, found, and handmade décor items and I CANNOT wait for you all to come visit.

Here’s what we are working with, 1,000 sq feet and a basic “vanilla box”.  I can guarantee you, it looks NOTHING like this now! 🙂

New Store space 2

new store space1

If I didn’t have Scott’s help I cannot imagine what it would look like? Probably a lot like you see here, lol.  This month has been a whirlwind, and we’ve only had the keys to the store since the 11th.  Pretty much everyday has been spent moving, and building, and setting up.  Last night I stepped out into the hall and when I came back in my exact words were… “It looks so great!”

Scott then asked “As good as some of the other stores you’ve been in that you love?”

My answer……

“Even better!!”

Better because, this store is filled with everything that I hand picked.  Every item was purchased hoping that you would love it.  Every item was built in hopes that you would continue to love our products and support my passion for home decorating and design.  I am not kidding, I love this place, our first ever brick and mortar, and I hope that you will too!

Here’s a couple sneak peaks!

IMG_6603 IMG_6600

So here’s the info.

Grand Opening weekend is set for

Thursday April 7th 11-6

Friday April 8th 11-6

Saturday April 9th 10-5

I hope to see you sometime that weekend!

Thanks so much everyone, have a great rest of the week,



First of all, let me start by saying….

I’ve been keeping a secret from YOU!!!

Honestly, I don’t even know how I managed to do so for SO long, but here goes…..

Nest Number 4 is opening up a STORE!!!!!!

Like a real deal, brick and mortar store!  I don’t think it has officially sank in yet, because it still doesn’t seem real to me.

What you didn’t know is that the idea of opening my own home décor store has been something that has been sitting in the back of my mind for YEARS.  It is something that I’ve dreamed about, something that I honestly never thought could actually happen.  Until now.


For years I would be out and about shopping in this town and that, whether on vacation or close by.  And there were always those “one stores” that I’d walk into and just stop.  Standing there staring, taking it all in.  Dreaming of one day owning something similar. Those kind of stores that make you quietly turn off your ringer and snap as many pictures as you can making sure not to get caught by the kind lady working there. Keeping those pictures, sometimes dozens at a time, in your photo album labeled “inspiration.”

Nest Number 4 has been a dream for a VERY long time. Because of all of you, you helped pave the way to where I am today. Without the support of my hubby and family, my many friendships and the love you guys have shown there would be NO small business of mine.   Also, to the fabulous crew down at Urban Soles that offered me a spot to sell from over a year ago, THANK YOU!!!

From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!

A year an a half ago I created my VERY first blog post.

Planting the seed.

About my newly decorated outdoor patio.

I honestly didn’t even know if anyone would read it, or care to read it.  But to my surprise, you did.

From that moment on, I’ve invaded your social media and your email inboxes with my posts, pictures, lengthy ramblings of ideas, vacations and random thoughts and a few DIY projects.  All the while building this little dream of mine and watching it grow and blossom into what it is today.

The store will be located at 717 Franklin St. Michigan City in the new Artspace building.  The set of doors on the right, and this corner spot is where you can find us!

new store space 3

I’d be lying if I said it’s been an easy journey thus far.  There were many of days that were jam packed with family stuff, kids school work, house cleaning, and crafting that NEEDED to be finished before an event!

Days when I locked myself out of my own IG account, facebook went all kinds of crazy and I even thought for a moment (that felt like a year) that I had lost ALL of my information on my blog.  Talk about an upset stomach!

Then there were times that paperwork had to be finished and approved, forms to fill out, many times I felt like I was WAY over my head.  But with help from many everything was filled out, created and turned it!  I have SO much to learn, but I feel like everyday I am learning a little bit more.  This year Scott will celebrate 20 years in his business, so I am definitely leaning on him for tons of advise, and information!

BUT… I wouldn’t have changed it for anything at all, because if all of that led us to where we are today, I’d do it all over again! (all except the blog part, that nearly gave me a stroke)

SO the questions you are all wondering,

“Where will the new store be located?” 717 Franklin St. Michigan City. In the Uptown Arts District.

“When will we be opening?” I do not have an exact opening date just yet, all I can say at this moment is April, (which will be here before you know it) stay tuned.

“What will the new store be like?” NN4 will be bringing you even more wonderful, amazing products than we do now.  This store will be an beautiful blend of New, Found, and Handmade items.   I am sure you will love it!!!

Logo new

The building is the newly renovated Warren building next to Mucho Mas and Hokkaido called the Artspace building. It is a live/work building that houses  space for creatives and those alike.

I am excited for some of my neighbors too, I think this building will give everyone the space to make dreams come true!  But I won’t spill the beans on who those people are yet, you’ll just have to wait for them to tell you! 🙂

I am so glad I don’t have to keep this secret any longer, lol Stay tuned for more information as to exactly when the Grand Opening will be!!!

new store space 5

Here’s to a fun and fabulous ride, thanks so much for coming along with me. 🙂

Stay tuned for sneak peaks of the space as it transforms from this vanilla box to something I’ve been dreaming of!

Talk soon, xoxo Kim

a busy weekend

Hey guys, long time no talk.

SO sorry for the randomness of these posts lately, I  have been super busy getting items ready for an awesome weekend of local selling.

Did you know THIS Friday is Urban Soles First Friday for February??  I will be there with a handful of highly talented friends all set up selling our local handmade goods.  And on Saturday I’ll be spending it with another wonderful group of talented friends at Barn Sante’s Amour show.

I will have lots of fun new items to share with you all, and even some Valentine gifts too!

Urban Soles- 624 Franklin St. Michigan City on Friday Feb.5th

 Barn Sante’ 1612 W 400 S La Porte on Saturday Feb.6th

It is going to be a fun weekend with so many talented locals, seriously, mark your calendars!!!

Oh, and I cannot end without telling you that there are SO many new changes being made to NN4, and I cannot wait to share it all with you VERY soon!!!

Hope to see you there!!!